Welcome to Savour Festival - London's greatest Food Wonderland!

Savour Festival Guests Enjoying mixology masterpieces from the best cocktail makers and amazing brands
Tantalising flavours at Savour Festival 2023, amazing lamb and potato dish with green pesto from renowned chef Chris Baber cooked at Savour Festival live demo stage

London's Food Wonderland

For two years in a row Savour Festival transforms the heart of London, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, into a tantalising food wonderland! Our guests experience the culinary masterpieces from renowned restaurants like Frenchie, Gaucho, Wilton's, Kricket, Angelina and others, whose top chefs create unforgettable dining experiences with exquisite flavors and award-winning dishes.

Gourmet Sly Dog rum cocktails at Savour Festival 2023, cocktail experiences at savour festival best London’s al fresco dining festival in London

Bars and Cocktails

Savour brings together a delightful variety of your favourite brands in a new mixology of cocktails. You can experience the talent of the UK's top cocktail makers savoring each sip. Discover new blends in the art of mixology while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the festival!

Vibrant crowd gathered at artisanal marquee of Savour Festival to shop great craftsmanship creations, Artisan Food Creations: Exquisite Dishes Showcasing Craftsmanship at Savour Festival, artisanal expo at Savour festival in London

Artisanal Expo

Go for a delight's hunt at our artisanal expo tent, where local producers and artisans proudly showcase their finest creations. From handcrafted cookies to artisanal cheeses, spiced sauces and wine producers, celebrate the diversity of flavours together with us!


Renowned Chef Showcasing Culinary Expertise: Cooking Demonstration at Savour Festival, Captivating Live demo stage of Savour festival: London’s Top Chefs Creating mouthwatering dishes with Savour kitchenware partner Hexclad, Hexclad kitchenware at live demo stage of London’s best food festival savour festival

Live Demo Stage

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary culinary spectacle, witness London's top chefs in action! This is your chance to meet your culinary heroes, the industry's most revered names and experience an unforgettable culinary magic with your own eyes at our live demo stage!

Best taste awarded ice-cream Bertotti at Savour Festival 2023, Delightful Taste Exploration: Festival Attendees Savoring Flavors at Savour Festival

Hospitality Paradise

Savour Festival is not just about the incredible food, it's a celebration of the entire culinary experience. Dive deep into wine and BBQ masterclasses led by esteemed chefs and sommeliers, as they share their expertise and inspire you to take your own tasting and culinary skills to the new heights.

Kids eating gyozas from Rainbo at Savour Festival 2023, Family-friendly activities at London food festival, Outdoor dining experience at London summer food festival, International cuisine at London’s best food festival Savour Festival

Family and Friends Experience

Gather your friends and family to savour delicious cuisines, bring together a vibrant community of food lovers to create an atmosphere filled with laughter, excitement and unforgettable memories. Don't miss the chance to book a group experience with us!


Chelsea pensioners meeting Savour festival guests and savouring delicious wine from Everflyht, The Royal Hospital Chelsea pensioners enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of Savour festival London’s top food festival

The Royal Hospital Chelsea

As the historic venue of the Royal Hospital Chelsea sets the stage for our festival, we pay homage to the rich history and heritage of this iconic location. Nestled alongside the picturesque River Thames, our event creates an unforgettable ambiance that adds a touch of magic to every moment.

Beautiful Savour Festival guests experience fascinating frozen margarita in Mezcalito tent, Attendees enjoying live music and entertainment at Savour Festival London, Crowds gathering for a Mexican live music performance from Mezcalito

Summer Celebration

With summer in full swing, Savour Festival is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine and the best of London's food scene. Relax in the Maison Mirabeau Rose Garden Bar, indulge in some oysters or have a dance in the Raffles DJ tent.

Energizing Musical Performance: Live Band from Mezcalito Entertaining the Crowd at Savour Festival, Enchanting Festival Ambiance of London’s best food festival Savour Festival

Live Performances

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Savour Festival, get ready for a live musical performance from Mezcalito or an unexpected tango flashmob from Gaucho.

We will definitely surprise you! Join us for Savour Festival 2024 and experience the best food festival of your life!